I Want My Eggs at the Bottom

It is easier to cook an egg through boiling at a place where water will reach boiling point easily. We know that vapor pressure increases with increasing temperature. Furthermore, water will boil when its vapor pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure. Also, we know that atmospheric pressure increase as altitude gets higher. These information led me to conclude that water will quickly reach its boiling point at a place where atmospheric pressure is low, vapor pressure is high, temperature is high and located in a low altitude. This then leads us to say that it is easier to cook egg at the bottom or somewhere below sea level.

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3 Most Painful Experiences

1st Experience

When my lymph node was swollen due to a disease, it hurts every time I move or swallow.

Rank – 7

2nd Experience

When I had appendicitis, I felt an excruciating pain in the lower right side of my abdomen.

Rank – 8

3rd Experience

After my operation for appendicitis, the incision area was very painful.

Rank – 8

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Food is something edible. An edible thing that people eat to gain energy and nutrients that they will need in their daily life. Food can come in any forms like vegetables, meat and many more.

There are existing foods that are deemed by society as weird. Like me, I find scorpions, starfish, brain, spider and snake as my top 5 weirdest food. What makes these food weird for many people can be attributed to many factors. One may be their unpleasing appearance that stimulates that queazy feeling. Another may be the smell that the food gives off that makes one want to barf. Furthermore, the main factor is the taste of the food since it determines whether it could be considered as a cuisine or a potentially harmful substance.

Contradicting all the characteristics of the weird food is the normal food. Normal foods are the edible things that we take in often. Examples are rice, beef and many more. These are considered as a normal food since the taste, appearance and smell of this food is what people accustomed to. 


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September 9 Second Gospel Reading Reflection ( James 2: 1-5 )

This passage talks about how Jesus tells the people that we should not discriminate other people because everyone is equal in God’s eyes. What struck me the most is the fact that the passage is seen often in the present time. Many of us and even I have this sort of discrimination on how people looked or on people’s status in the society. I realized in this passage that I should refrain from this mentality of divisions in the society and treat everyone equally. 

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God’s Invitation To A “Win-Win” Situation

Question #6

      I would use Pascal’s Wager to convince the self-confessed atheist to reconsider his non-belief in God by telling him what the Pascal’s Wager is first. I will tell him that the Pascal’s Wager states that if one believe in God’s existence then one will gain all and will not lose anything. This is because when one believe that God exist and He does exist then one will feel that all the believing is not put to waste, when one believes in God and He doesn’t exist then believing will not be wasted because believing in His existence will just make you do good deeds. This will surely get his attention because it is a win win situation and everyone likes to be in this kind of situation. Though the limitation of this is that it will just make the person plainly believe that God exist which should not be the case. This is because the wager only states that one should believe but did not say that one should act as a believer. Therefore, I will need to explain to him what being a believer is all about or what one should be doing as a believer. I will explain and tell him what a believer does by saying “ Being a believer does not only ask you to believe but also to do moral acts and follow God’s examples in ones daily life.” I will then explain to him that this is because being a believe needs one to follow in God’s actions and teachings which tells us that one needs to be have morality in every action we make and to be good with the people around us. A believer should also follow God’s ten commandments which will then make the person avoid doing wrong. This will somehow make up for the lack since the things that I said builds up on an idea that the person will not have anything to lose if one believes in God’s existence and follow His examples. This will then entice the self-confessed atheist to reconsider his non-belief in God.

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AOK Survey

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CLE Survey

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Post – Grade 11 Reflections

I felt that the Business and Management course from last year opened my eyes into another world. A world wherein we see the different aspects of a business. I became aware of the different strategies that businesses are trying to pull in their daily actions like giving TV ads. My strengths as a BM student is identifying the main points in the different cases given to us. Although I am good at identifying these main points, I am unable to express my reaction or answer to the cases properly which made me get lots of deductions. Looking at this problem of mine, I will try to improve on this by practicing on my writing skills first so that I will know what tools I will use to express my answers correctly. Given my exposure to Business and Management, I became more interested in issues concerning the development of many businesses, in terms of their strategies, like Apple because I find it useful in exercising my knowledge that I gained in Business and Management class.
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Editing the Learner’s Profile

I decided to take out the learner profile risk taker since I believe one should not do things that they are unsure of. I believe that one should think about their actions or decision so that it wouldn’t seem like the person is relying on luck. I would like to replace this with being flexible since one should be able to act or know how what to do in any situation they are in. I decided to take out caring since it is not enough just to care but to take action to the seen problems in the society. I decided to replace this with responsible because one should be responsible for the world we are living in and the actions that we do. Being responsible also means doing tasks on time.

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Knowing Love

Love is a very complicated for anyone to understand fully. It is a feeling that everyone experiences. Both articles that I read, which are Scientists Try to Measure Love and Love in the Age of Neuroscience, tell us that love is an addiction like the feeling you get when smoking cigarette. They say that love most of the time don’t last forever and that it declines steadily from the moment it starts. Though there are some cases that love was maintained and lasted forever. They tested this through scientific means wherein they measure the levels of oxytocin and vasopressin in the brain when they see their mate.


For me, the most accurate way to gain reliable knowledge about love is through interviews. This is because love, in my opinion, is discovered through experience and through the interview we can learn from the love experiences of people and how they define what love is through their experience. This is better than doing brain scans because this scientific method only tell us the amount of chemicals in our brain that are produced when we see our mate but does not directly tell us that it is caused by love. The production of those chemicals may be caused by sickness, lust or just because they feel relaxed when they were lying down on the brain scan bed. There are so many factors that may affect the levels of oxytocin and vasopressin levels in the brain so it is not an accurate way of gaining reliable knowledge about love. This is why I will not turn to human science to understand my own romantic relationship. This is also why I will get reliable information about love through my own experience of love in the future.

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